Friday, April 17, 2015

the sound of the bat!

romising to be one of 2015's most spectacular power displays. This may be sacrilege, but I ... ... it reminded me of this story told by the incomparable Buck O'Neil:"I heard Ruth hit the ball. I'd never heard that sound before, and I was outside the fence but it was the sound of the bat that I had never heard before in my life. And the next time I heard that sound, I'm in Washington, D.C., in the dressing room and I heard that sound of a bat hitting the ball—sounded just like when Ruth hit the ball. I rushed out, got on nothing but a jockstrap, I rushed out -- we were playing the Homestead Grays and it was Josh Gibson hitting the ball. And so I heard this sound again.
"Now I didn't hear it anymore. I'm in Kansas City. I'm working for the Cubs at the time, and I was upstairs and I was coming down for batting practice. And before I could get out there, I heard the sound one more time that I had heard only twice in my life. Now, you know who this is? Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson swinging the bat."

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

sad day for comic book fans...

just got an email that, sadly, herb trimpe has passed away. while kirby created the incredible hulk, it was herb trimpe's hulk pages that i read and collected as a kid, as well as spending an inordinate time trying to copy his drawings (which, of course i could never do).  i will always think of trimpe's hulk as THE TRUE incredible hulk. he will be missed most certainly.

Monday, March 02, 2015

when up is down.....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

help fund harry bertoia's archive of unreleased recordings...

important records is collaborating with the harry bertoia estate on a kickstarter to archive all of harry's recordings of his sonambient / sound sculpture. if you know bertoia's LPs that he self-released, you know they are some of the most incredible sound sculpture recordings that exist. 

many years ago i was fortunate to visit the bertoia studio/barn with friends, and what scared the hell out of us was the condition of harry's unreleased recordings. and after leaving the studio, we spoke a lot about someone stepping in to archive and save these unreleased works. FINALLY john from important records is attempting to finally take care of harry's audio legacy... and i would encourage you to help.

anyone who knows me and/or my work will know that i am an enormous geeky fan of bertoia's work - and i consider his work to be a major inspiration for my own work. while many people know harry's "bertoia chairs" - his work as a sound sculptor and sound artist is vastly under-recognized, and the kickstarter should also help to get his work better known

aside with helping the archive, the kickstarter also offers some great and rare "rewards" including original LPs from harry's self - released sonambient records, rare books of his drawings, and a bunch of new things, including important's CD box set of the original released recordings... 

so take a gander at the site:

click here 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

when magazines had zine prices...

from the october 1969 issue of artforum...  can you imagine a full page ad in artforum for a $5 book!

Friday, January 16, 2015

a new publication... allan kaprow posters !

very excited to be part of this new publication from christophe daviet-thery and koenig books london: allan kaprow posters.

i wrote one of the texts, and
also artist oscar tuazon. it's a fantastic object, that can be taken apart and perhaps allowing not only a reading, but perhaps a happening! here are some images:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

i will be part of the context-ing "listening as context at the miami art fair...

showing a new work for headphones: 
“Black and white lines, 2014. Processed field recordings. Duration: 10 minutes.
the piece was created from various recordings I made in the sienna cathedral with my cell phone last summer. While visiting the space, I was able to capture a series of short soft tones coming from the pipe organ, as someone was working on the instrument. Because the interior is such a spectacular space, I was interested in using the recordings to create an atmosphere of intimacy and quiet. 

CONTEXT-ing / Listening as CONTEXT will be premiered on the VIP opening night in the 2600sq.ft Sound Positions Pavilion – a dedicated space annexed to the main CONTEXT pavilion featuring 12 individual sound stations, making it the most important and largest sound project in an art fair - and continues during fair hours from December 3rd - 7th. 

Artists include:  Tania Candiani, Mexico Richard Chartier, USA Richard Garet, Uruguay / USA France Jobin, Canada Emeka Ogboh, Nigeria Kristin Oppenheim, USA Manuel Rocha, Mexico Steve Roden, USA Hong-Kai Wang, Taiwan Hildegard Westerkamp, Germany / Canada Jana Winderen, Norway

more info here

Friday, November 14, 2014

dance piece.... "THIS"....

very excited about this collaboration with choreographer neil greenberg, joe levasseur and four incredible dancers. i have created the sound and a few videos... taking place early december at new york live arts...

Dec 3-6 at 7:30pm
Tickets start at $30; Select $15 seats available
"This, a new work by Neil Greenberg (dance), Steve Roden (sound), Joe Levasseur (lighting) and James Kidd Studio (costumes), will continue Greenberg’s ongoing investigation of meaning-making, exploring the specificity of performance and the seemingly inescapable human desire to make meaning. Five dancers (Greenberg along with Molly Lieber, Mina Nishimura, Omagbitse Omagbemi and Connor Voss) will engage with complex and idiosyncratic movement—culled from videotaped improvisations and learned verbatim—that, along with lighting and musical materials, will be continually recast, reconfigured and recoded. A related focus will be placed on Greenberg, Roden and Levasseur’s new working relationships, looking at the materials onstage as performing (rather than representing) these relationships. This unfolds not as finite content, but rather suggests other kinds of meaningfulness and arenas in which that meaning might be found. "

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

a new CD collaboration with stephen vitiello on room 40

Steve ROden & Stephen Vitiello: the spaces contained in each.
Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello are sound artists working at the nexus of sculpture and acoustics. They are professional listeners, embedding themselves in the auditory and relishing that which is encompassed in their horizon of listening. It’s their shared horizon of listening then, that is at the core of The Spaces Contained In Each.
Recorded as part of their joint residency on Governor’s Island in New York, this edition documents their installation work created for the unique acoustics of the Cornelius Chapel. Like many of the recordings that populate their solo discographies, The Spaces Contained In Each, dwells in a zone of rich textural soundscapes.
Distant bells toll at the edges of perception, field recordings flutter amid bursts of modular synth and other electronics. The sound field is constantly evolving and unfolding as layer upon layer of sound draws you deeper into their sound space. Moments of hushed tonality break into explosive bursts of frequency, though at no time does the work break its auditory suspension of disbelief.
This collaboration sounds out new pathways into fields of sound well explored by each of these artists. It marks an accumulation of their works, both individually and as collaborators. Indeed, The Spaces Contained In Each, is an apt metaphor for the sounds presented throughout this edition. buy it from the label! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

panel discussion november 2

on sunday november 2, i will be on a panel discussion at the pasadena museum of california art in relation to stas orlovski's animation installation - i created the sound for the piece. 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

help fund an upcoming project...

i'm working with choreographer/dancer neil greenberg for a series of performances at new york live arts in early december. i have created all of the sound using the modular synth - a first for me!

neil has opened a hatch fund to help fund the piece - titled "this", and he has already reached the initial goal.

take a look at his video here

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

lost and found... in november

Thanks to the folks at line and volume, 
a long lost collaboration finally sees the light of day...
Suite Nuit
LINE_068 | CD + Digital | Edition of 500 | November 2014
long lost live recordings!
1. part 1 live (22:06)
2. part 2 rehearsal (30:50) 
recorded live at the tower hall of the Parochial Church (Berlin, Germany) during the Suite in Parochial Festival, August 26, 2004.
Bretschneider: Micro Modular / Roden: guitar pedals, field recordings, contact microphones, and found objects. recording engineer: Penko Stoitschev
thanks to Carsten Seiffarth.
Cover: “tacet permutations”, 81” x 81”, oil and acrylic on linen, 2012 by Steve Roden. 
This edition is released in partnership with Volume.

Friday, August 29, 2014

upcoming performances...

i will be participating in the AXS (art and science) festival in pasadena - along with stellar music folks and friends - william basinski, richard chartier, yann novak, lucky dragons, jeff cain, and lots more.

check out the website - here - for details of all of the events that will take place within a spectacular inflatable performance space which will be dowsed in video projections. i will be performing two new different sound/video works.

more info soon.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

jack kirby's birthday!!!!!

here on jack kirby's birthday, a collage by jack used as the background for a full page splash from jimmy olsen issue 134.

what makes this beautiful thing an even more beautiful thing, is that most of the collage was built from photographs of jimi henrdix from an issues of life magazine - i kid you not. there's a great little article about it HERE

Saturday, August 23, 2014

a new soundtrack

very excited for an upcoming collaboration for an exhibition of my friend stas orlovski's animation work entitled 'chimera', at the pasadena museum of california art. stas has been making beautiful drawings inspired by soviet era children's books, japanese prints, and dutch botanical illustrations for many years. last year, last year he created an installation of animated drawings for lacma's surrealism exhibition. for this much longer work, stas invited me to create a soundtrack - which included an old harmonium, banjolele, strohviol, voice, and silence. there will be an opening reception on sept. 13 from 7-9 pm, and the exhibition will run until january 11. there will also be a panel discussion with the artist, animator (beau leduc), sound maker. 
more info, click here

Saturday, August 16, 2014

performance this sundAY at the echo park rising festival

i will be performing tomorrow night -
sunday august 17 at 8 pm at the:
1952 Clinton St, Los Angeles, CA 90026 
(562) 822-8564 
Avocados is a three day event with artist-run bands, music, sound art performances, video projections, video installation, and dancing. Its avocado season and this tree is full, the avocados ripe. Take your pick or have them all.
schedule for sunday august 17:
12pm: tba
1pm: Ariel Alter, Character Design
5pm: Jorge Espinosa (sound/performance)
7pm: Patrick Shiroishi and Nisa Karnsomport,
White Sun Sutra (music, live visuals) 
8pm: Steve Roden (music/sound) 
In conjunction, and in collaboration with the Echo Park Rising Festival and Projector Projects, 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

my friends at the wrong speed....

saturday afternoon, i will be performing at the melody lounge in chinatown for the perform chinatown day/night long event.

i will be doing a two or three turntable record performance... iT will not be a DJ set, per se, but mixing of a bunch of records played simultaneously to create new sums from old parts - many of the records are by friends, so don't be offended if your record is played at the wrong speed - textures are king. it will be a quiet soundscape... something i like to call underphonics  as opposed to the frenetic noise of plunderphonics...

the performance will start at 4pm and last about an hour or so.

melody  lounge:
939 N Hill St

Los AngelesCA 90012

AND... most importantly, IT IS FREE...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


some new FREE music...

1. steve roden & glenn bach
water in the hollow eyes of the blue, finally

on the .phonographiq label
(the label also has a number of great free releases from kenneth kirschner, roel meelkop, etc.)

in 2012, Glenn Bach and Steve Roden were invited to create a live soundtrack to Bleu Remix, a performance-installation by Yann Marussich, where the artist reclines inside a glass box, and, over time, begins to sweat blue pigment from the pores in his skin, manifesting the act of movement by remaining perfectly still. 

Using source files provided by Marussich, Bach and Roden created a palette of sonic material for the evening's performance, transforming the original sounds beyond recognition. During the concert, Bach and Roden processed the sounds yet again, live, as the audience contemplated Marussich reclining, and sweating, in his glass vitrine. 

The resulting concert recordings inspired a subsequent studio session in Roden's garage, where the artists improvised an entirely new interpretation of the sound sources throughout the various stages of transformation. The resulting performance was recorded live with no overdubs. 

2. flower & water CD on dragon's eye recordings
will be released in a few months

here's a link to one of the tracks on sound cloud

flower & water was made entirely by processing dragon's eye recordings first release - a red flexi-sound sheet bound into paul novak's book on making bread (and who is also the founder of the label). the soundsheet contains a track written for the book, composed and performed by george winston playing 1920's piano jazz. the recordings were manipulated physically - cutting up the thin red records and taping them back together, placing objects on top of them on the record player, and of course, using some manipulation with a sampler (using all of  my old school approach - such as recording the portable record player in different rooms, etc). 

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

june 14, free performance in an underground racquet ball court...!

yes, kids, you heard right... i'm doing a performance with two analog modular synthesizers in an underground racquet ball court... with the location inspiring a big nod to robert rauschenberg's EAT piece - "open score" (look it up if you don't know it... it is fantastic!) 


more info:

A Unit of California State University, Fullerton
College of the Arts
Downtown Santa Ana, CA
a sound performance 

JUNE 14, 2014
7:30 - 8:15PM
Pre-Performance Reception / Mixer
*please arrive no later than 8pm

Q Art Salon
205 N. Sycamore St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701

audience will be escorted to performance location

ticket information below

Santa Ana Sites #5 presents an evening of sound performance by artist Steve Roden.  Performing through the use of two analog modular synthesizers, Roden will continue the Sites approach of presenting work in unique Santa Ana spaces, activating a subterranean racket ball court located in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana.

Tickets are free but reservations are required - RSVP info towards the bottom of this page

This event is anticipated to be at maximum capacity with reservations required.

Reserve FREE tickets through email with name and requested number of tickets with a maximum of two tickets per guest to:

Structure on 3rd Street @ Sycamore
Additional Structures @ 4th St. & Spurgeon and 3rd St. & Birch St.
Surface Lot @ 3rd St. & Bush St.

Monday, June 02, 2014


here are images of some the side-street project benefit prints.
yes, there are four different basic images.
and yes, each is unique with ink and pencil and other handwork added individually...
more nformation here...
they prints were silk-screen printed by maggie lomeli-white

here are some images: