Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tell me why...

so you would think the person who once described their intentions as decidedly "lower case" would be able to figure out how to make the blog heading something other than all caps... welcome to a world where someone who still uses guitar pedals and homemade contact mics tries to use a "template" on a computer. if you are wondering why in hell i have decided to start a blog i can only say ... blame mr. toast. my friend dan's blog is quite wonderful and has shown a cranky old curmudgeon like myself, that blogs can be more than self involved ramblings thrown out into the world with no one in mind but the writer's ego. dan's is more of an access to a room full of cardboard boxes (yes, many many cardboard boxes stacked all over the place, even covering the bed!) that are full of wonderful things a few people with an interest in marginal culture might like to look at and talk about. unfortunately, after going to flea markets with him at 6 am for too many years, i too have much junk... and for some reason i too feel that it might be nice to share some of it. hopefully the ephemera and info will be of interest to someone out there.

p.s. did you notice when you use the blogger spell check it thinks the word 'blog' is not a word and wants to replace it with 'bloc'... kind of nice....


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