Thursday, July 20, 2006

R-egular P-eople P-laying musi-C

"1/26/08, lamont, okla. is the only state which has a coyote soloist. he sings only clasical music with clarinet and harmonica accompaniment. is something worth hearing, yours, a.c.s."

this is the first RPPC (real photo post card) i bought. i can't recall the tangled path on ebay that led me to it, but i won it for a few bucks and thus began another obsession. RPPC's are original photographs printed on photo paper with postcard backs so folks could send them to other folks in the mail. they're generally candid shots and one of a kind, although i've seen multiples of some of the more professional studio poses. at this point, i've got a collection of about 400 cards somehow related to music or sound - musicians, instruments, bands, phonographs, music stores, etc. most of the images are from 1900 - 1930. i'll be periodically posting some of the gems of the collection.

the image below was another i bought early on. the back has written on it:

"mt. alto, pa, sanitarium, 1921" (judging from the guy on the far right playing air guitar on a broom, i'm guessing some of these folks still needed a bit more time in the place)