Sunday, September 10, 2006

metal music movies

nothing like finding two sound superheroes connected on one piece of paper. this is a great little undated brochure for the rental of films by madeline tourtelot, through cinema 16, probably early 60's as the address doesn't have a zipcode. the large one sided brochure advertises 5 of tourtelot's films including 3 of her short art films - "reflections" (with fascinating patterns of music composed by ed bland), "one by one" (a film-poem on the theme of fall), and "summer" (light humor and symbolic pantomime combine with well adapted music to produce a strikingly original film); and two related to sound/music/sculpture masters - harry bertoia and harry partch! the partch film, titled "music studio: harry partch" is included on the enclosure one from innova . it seems tourtelot collaborated with partch a number of times. the bertoia film is titled "metal dimensions", the description says "we see bertoia working in his studio, hear him talk, and study several of his works". it's 9 1/2 minutes i'd absolutely love to see! (anyone out there with a copy?!). unfortunately not a lot of info on tourtelot beyond the partch collaborations online, but i'm sure all of these films would be worth seeing if you are into maya deren and avant garde cinema. a lot more bertoia ephemera to come...


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