Tuesday, September 26, 2006

picture stories 2

i got a few requests for more of warja honneger lavater's work. here's a few images from the other small book of hers i have. this one called "la promenade en ville". published in 1962 in zurich. this one tells the graphic map of a story of a woman, a small cat, another cat, a man, and i believe the "feu rough feu vert" is red light green light... for more on warja and her books see my previous post - picture stories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am preparing a bibliography of Warja Lavater's works. I am wondering if you own any other of her works that I can cross-check with my list. Also, would you be willing to share the names of any reference works you know of that reference her?

Thank you.

Ellen Brown

11:25 AM  

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