Wednesday, September 13, 2006

stripes & numbers

found drawings like this are a treasure and a treasure map all in one. there's the unintended pure beauty of the thing itself, and then the beauty of its manifestation and the wonder of its use. the drawing was found at the flea market on sunday; stuck inside one of our best recent flea market finds - funnies on parade from 1933, largely considered the first comic book (and worth a whole lot more than the two bucks we paid for it...). while it looks like an early mel bochner or a late emma kunz, it seems to be done by some todler who also wrote a list of boys and girls on the back - numbered to correspond to the striped colors on the front. i'm guessing the color choice system was used towards teasing the boys and girls about liking each other. the open square in the middle of the brown stripe for the 7 is quite wonderful.


Blogger bloggsy said...

at least i don't have to go to the flea markets any more to be killed.

9:26 AM  

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