Thursday, November 23, 2006

thanksgiving potatoes...

well, i went through my 78's searching for a thanksgiving song... i searched the words "thanks", "turkey", "pilgrim", "feast", "yam", and not a single side had any of these words in the title, artist, or label... so i ended up with word association, going from yam to hot potatoes by johnny dodds (with blind blake on vocals and guitar!). i have to say this is one of my favorite 78's that i have ever found. there's the singing, the clarinet solo at the beginning, the "drumming", and of course the goddamn slide whistle solo (when you hear it you will definitely be thankful that someone made it).

so today please take a moment to be thankful for flea markets... old timey music and the shellac surfaces these songs are embedded in... the "much as i hate it it's good for sharing" internet... and of course for potatoes which most of us will over indulge in tonight and regret the minute we get into bed... perhaps you'll even hear that slide whistle solo in your potato filled dreams...
hot potatoes


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