Saturday, April 21, 2007

before wallace berman...


1910 RPPC of the twinsburg band from ohio made up of a slew of tiny photos. i love how the collage of small photos deals with space - the light and landscape is not continuous from image to image but it feels like it is, yet just slightly broken. the multiple rectangles black and white images feels like a little film, or a flipbook before cutting and binding. there's a wonderful feeling of movement coming from the drum as a kind of center and the trajectory of the angles of the instruments sprouting away like a fountain... and the grid reminds me a bit of the amazing verifax collages of wallace berman.

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Blogger gd said...

i like the 'crippled symmetry' of the photo.
there was a thought for symmetry but it wasnt followed through all the way. the trombone players in the corners are angling their instruments inwards. but all of the trumpet players are angled the same direction. and the tuba / euphonium players are also angled in opposite directions as well as the french horn players and the two snare drummers.
the flutes and clarinets are also all angled the same way. i like how the bass drum player, french horn above him and the conductor above him are the center axis. the french horn player being odd man out and not together with the others. i also like that the top row has 8 photos instead of 7. so the arrangement & symmetry of pictures and poses of the instrument players was pretty carefully considered but not followed all the way through....

8:30 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

yeah, if they all had figured it out and it was all lined up in terms of instrument trajectories it would have been really amazing!

1:58 AM  

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