Monday, May 14, 2007

9 sided room...

since some of you follow my work outside of the archives, i've decided to periodically post links to things related to my own work... i really don't want this to evolve into a space for promoting my own activities; but i also figure i should share some things that are not only inspiration for my work, but are my work.

the folks at touch recently invited me to contribute a track to their touch radio series of download/listenings. it's an exclusive track that will only live there, but you can snag it for free. as some of you have probably never heard my sound work, it's a good opportunity to hear 9 of my pieces layered on top of each other... the roden equivalent of speed reading. there's also a lot of other interesting sounds/artists on the site...

listen: touch radio

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve - wonderful to hear 9-sided room: have snagged it and it's playing now. What are the nine pieces? like the blog (not much of a blog reader but now two of my favourite artists - yourself and tom phillips - are into it so have bookmarked them both.
I nabbed a picture from soudns to use as my itunes cover of 9 sideed room - you must have seen the humument?
have gone all irrelevant, anyway

6:35 PM  
Blogger sroden said...

hey jeremy, good to hear from you!!! indeed i only decided to do the blog as long as it wasn't about ME... seemed more like a good place to share things i like. i'll have to look for philips blog, yes, a humument is great stuff, an early inspiration discovered because of his connection to eno. the nine pieces are - 4 tracks from the en/of LP i did as a collabortion with visual artist doug aitken, both tracks on the double 1 sided LP set lines and spaces, both tracks from the recent 7" one stone . and arcs and ears. and the very first recording i ever made - myself in a phonograph booth at a small amusement park, impersonating sports caster howard cosell calling a mohammed ali / joe frazier fight! probably from 1969 or so... that last one is buried way beneath the rest!!!

11:36 AM  
Blogger sinth said...

this is beautiful! i can picture being suspended in a tuft of cotton and floating inside this nine sided room that you speak of, the dust and sun all around me.

2:45 AM  

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