Sunday, May 13, 2007

frankie and my mom...



well, since it's mother's day today i thought i'd post this picture. my mom's not in it, but i'm sure she wishes she was. it's a great photo of a bunch of folks who won some kind of frank sinatra contest... each winner holding an LP (it doesn't really matter because my mom had all these LPs already i'm sure!).

when she was a teenager, my mom was completely obsessed with frankie. she had one entire wall of her bedroom covered with magazine photos (in today's world we'd call her a stalker), and even went to vegas on her honeymoon to see ol' blue eyes perform. at one point my grandfather had some dealings with frankie and because he was extremely indulgent to his kids (and grandkids!), he let his 13 year old frankie obsessed daughter secretly listen in on the phone... lo and behold frankie let off a string of F-bombs that had both of their mouths agape.

in light of all this, happy mother's day wishes to all the moms out there, including govi's mom, who's having her first mother's day ever. my advice to her is when her son wants to listen in on a phone call from strange uncle steve is that she should not let him near the phone...

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Blogger bloggsy said...

govi says, "be very afraid."

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