Saturday, May 12, 2007

the infernal trio...




well it seems a bit of a while since i've posted some good ol' music RPPC's. here are three from that ever growing pile...

the japanese woman with the victrola and a gosh darned buddha listening nipponophone sleeve in her hand arrived while i was gone. the trombonist seemingly mesmerised by nature and in complete stillness has been here awhile. i have no idea when the slide guitar player began living here, but it's one of the better slide guitar cards i have.

no blabbering commentary... just enjoy the pics. (p.s. this post is dedicated to mr. millis... i was somewhat obsessed with this junk before i met him, but he certainly sent it all into overdrive... he'd probably kill me and steal the top photo if he lived closer...check out his band, mischief, and relative insanity here).

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