Friday, May 25, 2007

resonant (s)tones...




from the 1996 exibition brochure worlds within worlds - chinese scholars' rocks: "the rocks in this show exhibit the entire canon of prized formal elements. among the most important are awkwardness (a top heavy form with one or more overhanging peaks); resonance (rings when struck by metal); representation (suggests a landscape, figure, or animal); wrinkling (heavily textured or subtle surfaces that suggest extreme age); moistness (glossy and highly tactile surfaces)."

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Blogger woolgathersome said...

Endless suggestions! Though different, these rocks remind me of the tufoni formations I love so much at Tufoni Beach in Half moon Bay… Those honeycomb rocks certainly possess awkwardness, representation, wrinkling, and moistness – I’ve never tested for resonance… Anyhow, I used to scheme how I could carry one or two of these beautiful and enormously heavy objects home to have inside the house as my own kind of scholars’ rocks… You should definitely visit if you're ever in the area...

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