Tuesday, May 22, 2007

three views...




bordsobjekt (table piece) by bjorn norgaard, 1967. a combination simple / complex grouping of basically three element arrangements - the thing, a white shadow of the thing messy, a white shadow of the thing geometric and crisp. if you look at it from the front you see all three,while from each of the two sides you only see one.

part fluxus table scraps, part architectural model, part constant's new babylon, and part skateboard ramps for the mind; norgaard's seminal work is seemingly junk thrown together until you start to deal with it as sculpture - objects defined by the space they inhabit and how one moves around them within that space - clearly there is some expanding complexity lurking beneath the apparent simplicity and misleading sense of arbitrariness.

each of the trash forms are vessels, and each looks like it might have held the same amount of plaster that ended up as the forms on the right and left of the objects... if these empty vessels once contained the foodstuffs of nourishment, then what is one to make of the ramps and lumps beside them? these white forms have no pockets, nor room in their interiors for existing matter to be stored or held. do they contain ideas? or a different kind of nourishment? or can they relieve a different kind of hunger...?

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