Wednesday, June 13, 2007

mystery music from madagascar by way of montreal...


a song from a 7" that was probably given away at the 67 world's fair in montreal (hence one side it says songs from madagascar and one side it says "chansons"...).

the description of madagascar music in wikipedia is pretty much what i expected - Musically, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo and France are the influences most evident in modern popular music, while indigenous folk music is syncretist enough that it sounds utterly unique.

i expected some african influences here, but this thing is other worldly, and would sit on the "utterly unique" side of the spectrum, not because it is particularly crazy, but because of the way it is hauntingly beautiful.... the label's lack of info and the plain white sleeve mean i have no idea what song it is or who's making the music...

click here to listen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi steve,

thank you very much for this beautiful present!!!!
it sounds like a mix between some exotic and basque folk music!


3:36 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

yeah, i was totally unprepared for it to sound like this. i'm glad you like it! i'm hoping someone emails who actually knows what it is!!!

8:26 AM  

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