Thursday, June 14, 2007

to be unmodern...

"to be unmodern, that is to say to have the unreasonable courage to do what all the others are investigating and placing question marks by: to just paint a picture, a picture with the greatest demands and belief. otherwise in this century it is a question of investigating the picture as picture or the picture as consumer object, painting with metaconsciousness of various kinds. to be so naive as to believe that it is possible in spite of this to paint a picture with stirred pigments on a piece of cloth and to believe that it will contain references to the greater things, perhaps in life itself it is the greatest thing. it is to be unmodern and that both takes time and costs prestige."

per kirkeby from a book on the painter edvard weie

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Blogger the art of memory said...

kirkeby is one of my favourite architects,
have you seen any of the books on his work?
didn't know he wrote books as well,
i think he did the paintings in the trier film breaking the waves? as well, quite a fellow.

10:30 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

he's mostly known as a painter, but i've always loved his sculpture. i haven't seen any architecture, although the brick sculptures are certainly architectural, and pretty great. his paintings are hit or miss for me, but when they're on, they're pretty magnificent and gritty. lots of browns and dark greens, clearly influenced by landscape. i was really surprised in denmark to find a ton of books of his writings (unfortunately mostly in danish...), so he must also be a pretty important critic. the weie book is one of a great series on scandinavian artists, and kirkeby's written the text to a few of them of them... is there a good book on the architecture?

1:56 PM  
Blogger the art of memory said...

these two are really amazing: 1, & 2
and this one not bad
not sure if you could find them down there, maybe at ucla, they are very minimal, but warm as well, which i think is why i like them so much.

9:31 AM  

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