Wednesday, November 28, 2007

before mr. warhol...



beautiful recent find, an RPPC of a painter playing music. several incredible things about this photo - certainly the mirror reflecting his profile on the desk, as well as all the small paintings of seemingly the same image of two women in profile with a few reversed. this guy was clearly a pre-curser to the serial portrait works of warhol...

"visual artists as musical "dilettantes" are not particularly sought after in the music business. nevertheless, they serve a purpose as trail blazers. unlike the musicians in the classical and light music establishment, they show no reservations and when experimenting are not particularly concerned about correct musical chronology, a problem which composers constantly have breathing down their necks. artists are practicians and researchers, like nanook the eskimo, who in robert flaherty's film of the same name, bites into a record out of curiosity in order to gain physical access to the laws of mechanical noise".

michael glasmeier, broken music,1989

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