Monday, June 02, 2008

sculpture is...

sculpture is
my year 4 moving forms, ice cream flower odors, fears
5 praise from a grandmother for a mud pie lion
7 the found book of nude marble women hidden by a
school-teaching methodist mother
diana of the ephesians
egyptian embalmers and the sepulchral barge
the fight between the monster tiamat personification of
chaos darkness disorder evil and marduk god of light
where water is the parent of all things - where universal
darkness reigns - where gods have been forgotten
face illuminated by sun and moon
the babylonian hero wrestling the lion
tossing a bull
standing on a gryphon
the carrying of mud bricks by yoke and by cord
the dialectic of survival
everything i sought, seek
what i will die not finding

david smith, in possibilities, 1947

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