Thursday, June 12, 2008

when your spirit was projected...


on clouds you stood! earth were your feet and your
thought reached up to god!

you opened your eyes and every atom in your mind
was a creation.

you stretched out your hand and said: what are you?
and it was air.

and your spirit was projected and you saw stars and
suns passing like clouds.

and you cried out: the sky was standing under god's

and above there was darkness which none could reach and you
knew your mother's womb and you desired
a woman.

and a poplar stood green in the innermost of your eye
and your greatness vanished and you lay like a tear
on your own foot in your own splendor
and the clouds have vanished.

josef julius wecksell, 1860's (image: double exposure, snapshot circa 1910, probably accidental...)

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