Wednesday, July 09, 2008


musicians circa 1910

music for stains and scuffs to dance like ghosts about the place.
music for creases in various places, like wire snakes.
music for hats arched at almost perfect opposite angles.
music for geometric floor patterns receding into nothingness.
music for two types of ties, and four hands seemingly the same size.
music for the strange presence between their heads, like an echo.
music for the tear near his face that looks like a small fish.
music for two stringed instruments, one strummed and one plucked.
music for the phantom glows behind them.
music for a knee to rest upon a stool awkwardly while some kind of emulsion explodes on the other knee.

photo: recent find, rppc circa 1910, nothing written on the back...

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Blogger Unknown said...

music for the ears that reach out to catch it
music for the eyes that are burning and quizzical
music for a line that pieres the arm and hooks into the leg

music for the eyes we explore the picture with

thanks steve

1:15 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

oh yeas, their ears are amazing, like sound catchers... maybe even bugles or butterfly nets!!!!!

6:57 AM  

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