Wednesday, July 16, 2008

when she whirled 2990 times in 32 minutes...

marie bayrootie

"mary bayrooty, the syrian girl who last year whirled for thirty-two minutes without cessation, making something like 2,240 revolutions established a new record yesterday afternoon in barnum & bailey's freak hall. she made 2,990 twirls in thirty-seven minutes. this is a new world record... when the last note died and the last whirl had been achieved, marie was fresh as paint. she ran across the floor to the nearest reporter and pinned a rose on the lapel of his coat, remaining until her fame had been suitably sounded. then she sat down and gave the other freaks a chance."

much as i wish i'd written the text above, it is a newspaper account of marie bayrooty that i found online while researching her. the CDV with her image was a recent find.

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Blogger Will said...

Marie the other freaks a chance. Amazing.

I love the details in the account. I would kill that reporter pinning a rose to his lapel.

Maybe anti-drug (and pro-fitness) campaigns should remind teenagers of the joys of spinning until you puke. It could become a popular competitive sport on the playground.

9:19 AM  

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