Thursday, July 24, 2008

when walls are for reading and looking...

two details of my studio walls

two details of my studio walls

two images from my studio walls that surround me while i work. the list below should help you navigate a bit of my world...

from top to bottom, starting on the left...

image 1:
a drawing from a friend
a photograph of a castle made out of tin foil, supposedly made by the elephant man (i think it is fake but it's a beautiful object)
a small painting from me, very very old
a photo of alan lomax making a recording
a stick (i know not from where anymore)
piece of an installation i made for guru dutt,

a very old painting from me
a snapshot of my painting in an exhibition hanging next to a cy twombly painting!
a photo of harry bertoia making sound

a card from a show of bruce conner.
a postcard from paul panhuysen
a polaroid of a garden in england
a card for an exhibition of oskar fischinger
an old painting of a buddha
a tiny picture of my dog
a card for a show of per kirkeby

a comparative map of all mountain ranges in the world from the 1880's.
a card of emma kunz, agnes martin, and hilna af klint
an old painting by me
the handle from my grandfather's saw
a quote from rilke about rodin
a map from the south seas made with sticks related to ocean currents
a photograph of fireworks
a small bit of red wire i found i don't remember where
an image from a book by jacques cousteau, the coral looks like a jackson pollock painting
a quote of cocteau ("i elaborate in the prairies of inner silence")
my own music note notations for a painting

part of a large wall chart of all the keys on a typewriter
a chart of making letters with colored dots from an old toy
a tiny collage made from pages of my mother's phone book from the early 1960's
a postcard of a sculpture by rodin of a woman with a greek temple on her
a very old macintosh floppy disc
a snapshot of a garden
a magazine photo of my favorite japanese actor

image 2:
an old disc from a music box, i don't know the song
a sculpture made of chewing gum wrappers, folk art, anonymous
some microscope photos
a score from the serpentine gallery performance
a sketch for a sculpture/sound project

an article about the space station mir and its demise
some music notation i found on the ground in paris
a string with lines for 26 inches that i can use to make drawings as a curved ruler to translate text into curves (a = 1, b=2, etc.)
some drawing by a friend.
an old watercolor by me
a postcard of a constructivist sculpture
an old postcard of a japanese temple
a prayer from an indian music concert

a postcard image of emma kunz drawing
a postcard image of a parachute
a postcard from goethe's house in weimar
an old science image of stars
a quote from a kids book about the universe
a postcard of a sculpture by richard lippold

the bottom edge of a painting
a photograph of a japanese hotel i took in 1978
another postcard of goethe's house in weimar
a science drawing of the sounds of bird songs
a snapshot of an artwork by my friend
a photo of guru dutt
a drawing of sculpture of a landspeeder from star wars i remember making as a child

drawings made by children listening to my music with their eyes closed
a postcard of a drawing by emma kunz
a list of musical note and color equivalents, written by a cashier at a store for me
a postcard of a power tower
a postcard from corbusier's ronchamp
another drawing made by a child listening to my music with his eyes closed
an old edison record i cast to make the plaster disc for my recent sound installation
an envelope from brazil with a butterfly stamp on it, that is quite special.

a print made on a letterpress
an image of a work by joseph cornell that inspired my sound piece moon field
a drawing of a radio antenna
a list of the things joseph cornell saw out of his kitchen window (his "observatory")
a book cover about a large pipe organ found on the ground in paris
a drawing made with a stencil of a contact microphone being burned by the sun



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