Wednesday, July 23, 2008

when writing looks like weather...



this is one of those photos where the text on the back seems totally connected to the image on the front. the style of handwriting seems so much like little dust balls bouncing in the wind on this barren landscape. it also seems a kind of notation of wind. it's almost as if the writing could be super imposed upon the surface of the photo (a kind of montage) that would somehow feel right. the swirling movements of the writing clearly indicating weather.

the words found within these scrambling wavy lines are also nice: "drop me a card any way and tell me what you are doing. am all alone and the wind is blowing 2:40 snowed this PM and everything looks and feels wintry. but i have lots of coal and it is inside. have 14 of the finest pupils you ever saw. they are so mannerly and nice i really have been blessed to get this quarter and school at home. you will have to come out to this dark land some time. i weigh 103 most i have ever weighed and feel fine.every organ works perfect for i guess i never know i have any".

the photo of the duet is also quite stunning. it is difficult to see in the scan, but they are really playing together, the mandolin player's head cocked as if completely lost in the listening. there's a ton of detail in the barn and its beautiful parallel lines of various widths...

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