Friday, August 01, 2008

spiritual honey...



"and as it is inscribed on the tongue, in the mouth and in the stomach of bees who are bound to produce honey, it is inscribed in our eyes, in our ears, in our marrow, in the lobes of our brain, in the nervous systems of our bodies, that we were created to transform that which we absorb from the things of the earth into a certain type of energy of a quality that is unique upon this globe. no being, as far as i know, was ever intended like us to produce this strange fluid which we call thought, reason, soul, spirit, cerebral potency, virtue, kindness, justice, knowledge... it has a thousand names, although it has only one essence."

maurice maeterlinck, quoted in the beehive metaphor, by juan ramirez

photo is an early cabinet photo, 1880's or so.

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