Tuesday, November 04, 2008

before the house deceased (with help from the sunrise)

bali 7" disques alvares

this morning i was looking through some records for a piece of music to post, and found a track on a 7" of field recordings from bali of a funeral march - the title translated from french via google being "before the house deceased". the track follows part of a five kilometer procession ending with a cremation.

when i recorded the track into my computer, i used, as always, a protools session that i have set up only for transferring vinyl into my mac. a strange thing started to happen as i was listening to my re-recording... in the quieter spots of the cremation procession i could hear some electronic sounding drones, and once in a while notes that sounded as if they were played on a lap steel guitar. i listened to the track several times, thinking i might have brought some ghosts into my room, before i then realized i had left some bits of my sunrise recording in the session on a track i never use, and thus didn't see on the screen.

i decided, rather than retrace my vinyl to digital steps, i would post it as is, apparent vinyl apparitions intact. it's not often one gets to duet from their bedroom in pasadena with a procession of musicians from bali...

if you listen softly, you hear only the procession, if you listen with headphones or loudly, well you'll hear a bit of the ghosts of a sunrise tagging along, perhaps helping the dead feel a bit lighter and a little happier in their journey...

click here to listen

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Blogger Rob said...

Yes it sounds good with the accidental drone in the background, vaguely Terry Riley-esque.
I find a certain joyous ambiguity in listening to random mash-mixes of ambient, avant, spokenword and world music.
While I'm here I'd like to say Airform Archives receives a daily visit form me, I love the found objects/drawings/photos/sounds.
Some remind me of the work of Peter Blegvad, writer/illustrator/musician who, like you, knows the numinous/ness/osity/escence of a found object when he perceives it. Long may you blog.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That was like...magic.

10:25 PM  

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