Monday, November 17, 2008

the glass mountain...


"the glass mountain is smooth:
luminous in the evening,
a shining peak of perfection
in the wonderous night:
down, at its foot -
we stand.

we cannot stand here
where all is all,
we who are joined in unequal halves
and man of flesh and failing
- here is no understanding.
but a voice within is saying: i want,
keeps saying: i want.

legion are we,
who want to be
here, who want
in spite of all our deeds.
filling the deepest nights.
and our tiny, shining being
defuses in a dome of light
close to the earth -
close to the mountain
where there is no understanding."

text: we fill the deepest nights, tarjei vesaas.
photo: anonymous RPPC, nothing written on back.

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Blogger ArtSparker said...

Reminds of the drawing I have seen that William Blake did of a man standing on the earth reaching toward the moon with a very long hooked staff, the caption being "I want! I want!"

1:13 PM  

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