Wednesday, November 05, 2008

when optimism speaks...


joyous: bring the compressed right hand, fingers tightly curved, so that teh tip of thumb is near the tips of fingers, against the left breast, index finger and thumb resting over heart and pointing downwards. then hold extended hands, backs down, in front of body, hands same height, equally advanced and a few inches apart, fingers pointing to front. raise hands briskly, mostly by wrist action.

victory: bring right hand, back facing nearly up, in front of body, about height of shoulder, hand nearly closed, ball of thumb pressing against second joint of index, second joints of fingers nearly on line with back of hand, back of hand making a slight angle with wrist; i.e. knuckles higher than wrist; strike to the front, downwards and a little to the left, stopping hand suddenly, and giving it a slight rebound. right hand is raised in front of the body waving in a circular motion.

a cdv of a juggler/acrobat circa 1900, text from w.p. clark, the indian sign language, 1885

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All hands on deck.

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