Monday, March 30, 2009

when one attempts a vision of harmonies...

taliesin west 1

taliesin west 2

taliesin west 3

taliesin west 4

taliesin west 5

taliesin west 6

taliesin west 7

taliesin west 10

"when we perceive a thing to be beautiful, it is because we instinctively recognize the rightness of the thing. this means we have revealed to us a glimpse of something essentially of the fibre of our own nature... a flash of truth stimulates us, and we have a vision of harmonies not understood to-day, though perhaps to be to-morrow."

images from taliesin west taken with my phone, text from frank lloyd wright circa 1910 from frank lloyd wright essential texts, edited by robert twombly.

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Somewhere around the end of this time the psychology began to change

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