Monday, April 20, 2009



This lonely hill has always
Been dear to me, and this thicket

Which shuts out most of the final
Horizon from view. I sit here,
and gaze, and imagine
The interminable spaces
That stretch away, beyond my mind,
Their uncanny silences,
Their profound calms; and my heart
is almost overwhelmed with dread.
And when the wind drones in the
Branches, I compare its sound
with that infinite silence;
And i think of eternity,
And the dead past, and the living
Present, and the sound of it;
And my thought drowns in immensity;
And shipwreck is sweet in such sea.

giacomo leopardi, translated by kenneth rexroth

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Blogger YHBHS said...

what a beautiful piece of wriitng...

just stumbled upon your blog...

all the best,
david john

9:39 AM  
Anonymous harsh tactics employed by the C.I.A. said...

Heather, if you DO photograph yourself in the lav, please spare us the picture! I think people would lose any respect they have for you.

12:23 PM  

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