Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a little ear help please...


in late 2006 i released a double LP called lines and spaces. the set included two one sided LPs, one made with the line notes on a piano (e, g, b, d, f) and one made with the space notes on a piano (f, a, c, e). the idea was that the Lps would be played together, on two turntables. the release was done in an edition of 125 copies, and i am nearly sold out of them.

a few days ago i received an email from a fan, who said that his copy contained two of the same records. each has a different matrix number, but both contain the same music. i grabbed my own copy, and lo and behold, both discs are the same. (i don't own two turntables).

since the piece has been released and sold out for a few years, i was surprised to hear from someone now (hasn't anyone else listened carefully!?!). so, i'm wondering if anyone who reads the blog has a set at home, and if so, could take a listen and let me know if indeed their copies are both the same record (which now seems highly likely).

if it turns out the entire pressing was two of the same discs, i'll most likely press the proper second disc and offer them free to those who already have the set.

i never encourage comments (although i like them of course), but in this case, i'd really love to hear from anyone with the set, either here or via email. thanks.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Steve - I don't have two turntables, but I did digitise the discs - and the set I have are the same as well - running one track through the computer and paralleling the disks I can do the parallel playing.

what a bummer for you


11:48 PM  
Blogger sroden said...

thanks, i had a feeling that was the case. i'm amazed no one noticed, including myself! i suppose after the holidays i'll deal with it.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous jim said...

so steve, you still have some for sale then ?

9:45 AM  
Blogger Notice Recordings said...

Yeah, aside from the frustration involved in trying to fix this problem, I'd very much like to purchase the proper set of records. (Or even the double-same set if you want to get ride of those too.) I like your music very much, but have never had it on vinyl. And I DO have two turntables. It would be neat to have this set.

Thanks and happy holidays !

- Evan from Notice Recordings

6:50 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

yes, to all who have asked. i have a several copies still available, with the two similar records, i will most likely press a third LP in the spring of the correct record and offer it free to those who have already purchased, and will include the third LP in future sales. stay tuned to the blog or my site -

6:30 AM  

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