Sunday, January 24, 2010

the man who went away...



in light of leaving town sunday morning for a five week residency in marfa texas, i figured it was a good time to share these two postcards, each featuring one of harold bell wright's temporary writing studios.

aside from their reference to working in non-city temporary digs amidst nature, anyone who visits the blog regularly knows i have a soft spot for objects residing within the intersection of the homespun and the modern. i'm not sure if bell wright designed and/or built these beautiful things himself, but regardless of who did the design work, they are awkward and wonderful in all the right places (and yes, i could've titled this post "when circus tents meet straw bail houses").

my introduction to bell wright came a few months ago, through the discovery of the following quote, which comes from his book "the man who went away" - an out of print novel that i'm still trying to find for under $100...

"from a bewildered frightened, money-mad, war-crazed world this man - the creature of his little materialistic day - had come into the vast tranquility of 'hempsted forest'. in this place of the redwood, he sensed time not as men greedily measure their hurried hours, but as it is - measureless - holding the infinite past, the present, and the infinite future as one. the silence of these primeval groves was the silence of that mystery from which which all life issues."

bell wright's studio forms and silent primeval trees seemed a nice little parting note to let you know my postings will probably be sporadic for the next month or so, as i will be seeking days filled with a similar silence...

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Blogger Unknown said...

this page from abe books has some of the yestermorrow versions if you aren't after a first edition for about $45, or an actual one which is $100
enjoy marfa

11:28 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

ooops - the link

11:28 PM  
Blogger Christine White said...

Kia ora from New Zealand - i have enjoyed another few moments of rest by immersing myself in some blogs, not having had much down-time lately. I happened upon a photo (Jan 25th entry) on Felicity's site ( which looked strangly familiar. On checking, I discovered it referenced in my mind to a picture I had seen on Steve's site (Jan 24th entry- Oh delight! A form of I SPY in the country in two different countries and times - the artists in residence world-wide and the thatched roof puts it's hand up above other landscape features we often see/hear but miss. I am reminded of Steve's comments about the referencing of the brain and creative memory - maybe i have my own thatched roof to find. Steve meet Felicity, Felicity - Steve - thank you both.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Felix said...

Hi Steve!

I'm glad to have found your blog via the comment above; I like those straw-bale retreat/writing spaces you've found and that great quote... I hope you find your book.

My I SPY books are considerably less expensive but I'm really enjoying using them as a basis/starting-point for a radio show.

11:21 PM  

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