Friday, January 15, 2010

when theatres blossom from the backs of trucks...






some images of a model of emilio perez pinero's mobile theatre project from 1961, as pictured in peter cook's 1967 book "architecture: action and plan." cook places pinero's images in a chapter entitled "action and process", and one can easily see in pinero's portable, unfolding architecture a connection to cook's work with archigram - particularly in terms of architectural forms as living moving things. what i love about the photographs is how the action of the growth and expansion of pinero's theatre is so much like a tree, perhaps something like a willow, where the leaves and blossom eventually encase the trunk in a similar way that the theatre encases the truck. i also cannot stop thinking about the spinning criss cross wooden structures my grandmother spun wool around when she was knitting (which i just discovered is called a "yarn swift"). i remember sitting on the floor and playing with this wooden object for hours and hours, expanding and retracting its lattice like limbs. perhaps pinero's grandmother used a similar object in her own knittings that let to the inspiration towards this theatre in a truck...

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