Tuesday, March 09, 2010

roden family music live on ear meal...


on wednesday evening at 9:30 PM pacific standard time, i will be performing live via the web with my uncle jeffrey roden (whose last CD was released on new albion records) on the web based sound/video program "ear meal", which is produced and presented through alan nakagawa's collage ensemble. this will be the first time jeffrey and myself will perform together. he will be playing electric bass, i will be playing a variety of acoustic objects/instruments. all will be improvised of course...

you can access the archived broadcast here:

and if you miss it live, all of the broadcasts are archived at the same link... past shows include carl stone, joseph hammer, mark wheaton, and others. upcoming on future wednesday evenings will be robert crouch, greg lenczycki, rick potts, rene petropolous, anna homler, and others...

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Blogger Unknown said...

hi - great to SEE the two of you. will try & find a quiet time to listen/watch the rest: you look very intense.

2:15 AM  

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