Wednesday, September 21, 2011

when on kawara saw two animals in antanakos' studio...

"two tortoises in the studio of stephen antonakos this afternoon"

"two or three men knocked on the door of my apartment tonight. without opening the door, i asked 'what's wrong with you?' one of them said, 'it's all right you are there'."

"this afternoon dan graham dropped a letter into the mailbox at the corner of eldridge and grand streets in ny."

"i have a dull pain in my eyes"

"dan graham brought joseph kosuth to my apartment this afternoon."

"jiro takamatsu called me this afternoon when i was reading 'ninjabugeicho'."

"my letter from ray johnson was postmarked somewhere in new york city this afternoon."

some of the more cryptic and diaristic captions from on kawara's 1967 date paintings, which for the most part are captioned by fragmented found text from newspapers of the day that the paintings were completed. the bits above not only stand out for their biographical nature, but the blunt approach to sharing seems to wholly compatible with the seemingly obvious but truly hermetic paintings themselves.

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