Sunday, September 18, 2011

when there were haters of quiet music...

while organizing the mess that is my computer, towards a re-release of one of my most requested out of print cds, i found a note that was sent to me circa 2002, related to a wired magazine article on so-called "lowercase music" - a term that wikipedia claims i invented, but which in truth, was a term i used to describe something quite different. i will share the true story of the term and its meaning another day, but for now i thought it would be nice to share this note in response to my own work as well as the work of my "cohorts"...


I just listened to some sound clips of various artists from the website of Lower Case Sound & they mentioned your album Forms of Paper which I went to the webpage they had linked for that & read about your album.

I have a couple of things to say to you:

Are you serious? This is not music, in fact it's not even sound FX. If you guys were actually doing something then I might be impressed. I worked in L.A. in the music industry & I heard a lot of crap but this is not even that. What's the point of buying a CD that has nothing on it except a few random barely audible noises that I can make on my home DAW setup. I am thoroughly disappointed with this lame idea especially when music & audio in general needs a serious artistic movement to revive it. You & your cohorts are pretending to be serious artists that have a alternative to all the groovebox beat music that is out there. What you are doing though is truly nothing & the only statement you are making is that you really have no talent or ideas to present. If you really want to change the way people listen to sound then you must actually make something for them to listen to first. Not really a very novel idea but I think it works.

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Blogger Unknown said...

it is such a shame on many levels. that you would have to receive stuff like this; that this person couldn't conceive of a music form that was different; that they commented on an album on the basis of a description; that they felt the need to comment; that they have never heard of 3'33"; that that that

glad that it didn't make you change your aesthetic

and that i am not as certain that my opinion/taste is so necessarily right


10:26 PM  
Anonymous Geoff Tuck said...

Eek. Is it ok that I like "Not really a novel idea but I think it works."?

The writer may have intended this sentence to modify the preceding one, but I prefer to take it as a self-critique of his/her stance.

Congratulations Steve on pissing off another nebbish!

Now go and paint something awful.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Sandy Gilfillan said...

I'm wondering what this person may think of 4'33''.

12:41 PM  

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