Wednesday, February 01, 2012

bury on slowness...

"speed limits space, slowness multiplies it... two slownesses gently grazing each other even go so far as to rub against each other. we dare henceforward speak of such activity no longer in terms of geometry, but almost in the language of the boudoir... in such an atmosphere, caresses are born, are renewed. multiply... only linked slownesses have the capacity to create, keep alive and re-create these foreseen and unforeseen contacts... a slowness plus a slowness does not equal a quickness: on the contrary, they become intensified, they transmit to each other their slowness, adding to each other in order to measure themselves, in terms of mechanics, by a subtraction... two globes on the scale of slowness: it is air, fire, earth and water which bear the weight of the measure."

excerpts from a statement by paul bury in studio international magazine 1965

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