Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the challenge to painting...

talking once with waldo frank, i remember having faulted charlie chaplin for the concessions he often makes to commonplace sentimentality. "you must understand," frank said, "he plays the game." it is exactly that which is unacceptable. thought is not a sport. it cannot be the pretext for little successes rewarded by applause. the discoveries of all sustain the evolution of each. it is not with impunity that something or other happens at this moment. and if painting at this moment is no longer what is termed painting, all painters must take note. those who fail to shouldn't be astonished when they are judged as artisans manufacturing an overpriced product rendered useless simply by the reflection of a few contemporaries.

louis aragon

Thursday, January 02, 2014

as the new year begins...

of all words
the greatest:

hate whatever,
embrace whatever,
sing whatever.

love whatever.

(henry parland, 1929)