Thursday, May 11, 2017

limited lathe cut vinyl - part two of my champion version 7" for observers in aircraft part 2

Champion Version just announced my the second 7 inch "For Observers In Aircraft: Part 2" by Steve Roden, check it out here.

it will only be available starting Sunday, 14 May for a week. 


Title: For Observers In Aircraft: Part 2
Vinyl: Listen/Buy
Digital: Listen/Buy
Note: This super limited edition 7" will be lathe cut to order and will only be available for 7 days. It will never be released by Champion Version on this format again and we will only make as many copies as are pre-ordered. Orders shipping out within 28 days of being placed. Limited to one copy per person/household.
Description: The four tracks here where recorded live using the same analog modular system Roden employed for the 'For Observers In Aircraft: Part 1' recordings. And of course they continue very much in the same vein. Not only are the small details significantly distinct on 'For Observers In Aircraft: Part 2', but like those on the aforementioned 7", tones punctuate, ripple and undulate until they more closely resemble drones. And if you listen closer, certain tiny frequencies emerge and flutter increasing in mass before resettling. Between these sections, the interaction of tones is just sublime. Wonderful.
Track(s): 1. The Hazy Parts Between 2. Striated Appearance 3. In Extensive Patches 4. Broken Mainly
Catalogue: CV201712
Format: 7"
Edition: Limited to one copy per person/household
Released: 14 May 2017


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