Tuesday, November 28, 2006

cattle call...






i was looking for images related to tex owens' song cattle call and these were some of the many pictures that came up in a google image search for the words "cattle" and "call". i like to think that the computer chose these things because it had something in mind other than word matching file names. it makes me feel like we are equals in our own idiosyncratic vocabularies and tastes.

perhaps the computer is suggesting a path. supposing you fall through the cone of awareness; and after moving through consideration, you seep out the bottom of conversion. you then slide down the hill with a double bottom, through the blue jagged mountains. you might then find yourself landing in a cage, all alone against the horizon; and if you can get out of that cage, and follow the trail of dots and cattle (who are themselves following the blue and red arrows), you just might end up in the land of women holding fans as large as their bodies...

in the meantime i've posted tex owens' song cattle call from a flea market 78 that spawned the search. aside from the above there are many photos of tex online. in his own words, the song was inspired when "watching the snow, my sympathy went out to cattle everywhere, and I just wished I could call them all around me and break some corn over a wagon wheel and feed them. that's when the words 'cattle call' came to my mind." no wonder it has a such a nice tinge of melancholy...


Blogger ZubZub said...

google w/sroden as editor = pict-o-reviews. I like.

all these work for me when studied while listening. first two are sound quality and vibe, second two subject matter, third rhythm and melody. you're onto something...as usual.

great track, two fans up.

12:15 AM  

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