Thursday, December 14, 2006

all is falling...


well, i don't know about global warming, but the last few days here in los angeles are finally starting to feel like what i've always called 'october weather' (in most places it's called fall...). october is generally the only time in this place you actually feel a slight inkling of weather change. i have to say i'm a little miffed i'm now going to be calling it 'december weather' (maybe every seven years it'll fall in october again)...

in light of such things as fall in the midst of what is supposed to perhaps be winter, i found this circa 1910 snapshot at the flea on sunday... i thought it was quite incredible. it also reminded me a bit of bas jan ader, an artist who disappeared in 1975 while attempting cross the atlantic ocean in a 12 foot sailboat. ader is quoted as saying "all is falling"; and number of his seminal works involve the act of falling, including the tree fall image below, of a work where he was filmed holding onto a tree branch until he fell into a stream beneath it...

it's wonderful how a blurry photo in a messy box at a flea market can bring one back to the work of a seminal artist. there are so many premonitions and secret truths to ader's work, finding connections back to him simply feels like he's still dropping clues...



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