Monday, January 22, 2007



i love the body whose head is perfectly cropped by the long black band that resembles one of duchamp's string dropped rulers at the top of the image... the way his cut off head is perfectly mimicked in the guy standing next to him's cut off tie (like yin and yang... the head of the man, and the foot of the tie suggesting upward movement and then down...)... the blurred victrola horn as though the whole world of sound is running through it and it is shuddering... the way the woman with her arm over the chair back and the girl with her arms crossed are slowly being enveloped in pool-like chemical whirl... as though the sound is dropping out of the shuddering horn only to envelop them in it's sensuous flow... and how the woman on the right is stiff as a board, mentally outside of the entire picture frame, clenching her fingers until they are numb in an attempt to remain immune to the sound or the tangled web of spirits inhabiting everything else ("i will not listen... i will not listen")...and how the residue of some hidden electricity has ended up at the foot of her dress and her neighbor's elbow...attempting to connect them (as some kind of repository of reception)... and then an entire world seems to reside in the potential of the small white glowing orb at the bottom right corner... as though it were about to spread upwards and into to her body... eventually encompassing her entire being so that she will at once return to this image's world through open ears... and perhaps that central pool of clarity is already attempting to morph with the bottom right glow, so that the three women will simply be swimming (or drowning... or floating) in sound... and then it all (the pool, the glow, the sound) begins to rise even more (and perhaps even more slowly)... accepting the man with the cut tie; and eventually, as it rises whole, the man with headless body... and finally even the awkward black bar... and the two beautiful skeletal trees... and thus, the entire world is placed before our eyes, enveloped in song...

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