Wednesday, January 02, 2008

sola dolente andava...

italian 7" cover 1964

this song is probably the winner for most beautiful recording added to the archives last year. it's a track from a 7" record, published in italy in the mid 1960's called "canti religiosi abruzzesi"; and was recorded by cesare bermani. i believe the singer, nicolina del sordo, is not a professional; as it's clear from a few external noises that this is a field recording rather than a studio recording. the 7" is part of a pair that make up a subset of a series of italian 7"s documenting folk and social songs during the mid 1960s.

i can't say much more about this song, other than it kills me. i think in this case it's better left to ears and hearts to experience, than for brains to dissect...

it seems good to start the year off with a heavy dose of beauty that goes hand in hand with a little bit of humility and wonder... a sure sign that a single human being is capable of just about anything.

click here to listen to sola dolente andava.

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Anonymous marqula said...

I confirm you that this is a field recording, and I already listened to this song, I'm very surprised to find it here! I was just surfing with no meanings on the net, didn't expect to find something about Cesare Bermani and I dischi del Sole. Are you italian? How do you own this record? The label "i dischi del Sole" was a super indipendent label in Italy in the '60/'70, who published very high quality stuff.
Thank you for sharing this auditive jewel,
greetings from Marco, , italy

11:04 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

hi marco, i'm not italian, but i love field recordings and music by regular humans. i collect a lot of ethnic recordings, particularly 78's, but also 7" and records. i don't konw anything about cesare bermani, and i would love to hear more about him and the label if you have any info. i just happened upon a pair of these 7"s by accident, and was suprised at the beauty of their contents (i have the one pictured, plus it's companion with an orange cover. unfortunately i don't speak italian. i'm always looking for more things like this :-)

4:22 PM  

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