Monday, February 25, 2008

independent of recipes...

1939 new bauhaus brochure cover

1939 new bauhaus brochure diagram

"we know that art itself cannot be taught, only the way to it. we have in the past given the function of art a formal importance, which segregates it from our daily existence, whereas art is always present where healthy and unaffected people live. our task is, therefore, to contrive a new system of education which, along with a specialized training in science and technique leads to a thorough awareness of fundamental human needs and a universal outlook. thus our concern, is to develop a new type of designer, able to face all kinds of requirements, not because he is a prodigy but because he has the right method of approach. we wish to make him conscious of his own creative power, not afraid of new facts, working independently of recipes. upon this premise we have built our program."

text and images from the 1939 new bauhaus school of design brochure, the text probably written by walter gropius (advisor in all school matters) and l. moholy-nagy (director of the new school) who clearly took the photo on the cover.

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