Friday, April 18, 2008

the poetry of arrivals...

random Airstrip found online

unused airstrip
tarring cracks in airstrip
painting guidelines on airstrip
cutting grass at airstrip's edge
placing mirrors on airstrip
watching the reflections of planes.

allan kaprow, score for arrivals, 1968

kaprow has been on my mind a lot over the past few months as i have been working on a recreation of his seminal performance 18 happenings in 6 parts in conjunction with the current moca retrospective. i've spent the last few months going through his notes for 18/6 in the getty's archives towards trying to put together a complete score. once in a while - to get outside of the specifics of the piece and more towards his overall intentions, i'll wander into other files, searching for inspirational nuggets.

the score for arrivals, comes from a small poster for the event. when talking about kaprow's work, people seldom mention the poetry that is always present. i'll probably post a bit more of my findings over time...

for anyone in the LA area, the performances of 18/6 are happening at LACE at 8 pm april 22 - 26. reservations are required.

image: random airstrip web search result...

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