Monday, May 12, 2008

before stereo...

george de moss concert ticket

george de moss concert ticket

a concert ticket, circa 1910, for the deMoss family - the lyric bards of america - featuring a great image of george deMoss (1867 - 1933) playing two trumpets at once (he could also play two guitars at the same time...).

there's a pretty insane history of the deMoss family on this myspace page, by someone who may be descended from george (and if you click on the song song "flashing lights" the first part sounds quite a bit like 45 grave doing "piece of wax")...

of course, the above image of george reminds me much of roland kirk, the king of shoving too many instruments in his mouth at one time... perhaps george is just about to dive into an early americana version of slippery, hippery, flippery.

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