Friday, June 13, 2008

i'd give anything if only my life were an oxcart...


i'd give anything if only my life were an oxcart
squeaking down the road, early one morning
and later returning to where it started,
toward nightfall, down the same road.

i'd have no need of hopes - i'd need only wheels...
as i grew old i'd have no wrinkles or white hair...
when i'd be of no further use, they'd pull off my wheels
and i'd lie there overturned and broken, at the bottom of a pit.

the poem is from fernando pessoa's 'the keeper of sheep'. it somehow feels very much connected to the photo (a recent find). it's not just the fact that the man being enveloped by light might have a broken wheel or two of his own, and that maybe he too would rather live with no need of hopes. he might even, perhaps, at times, also, lie overturned and broken... but more so it feels that if you read the words and look at the picture you can imagine the poem gently falling out of his mouth in song, and you can hear it echoing about in the loneliness of his room...

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Blogger shinsky said...

steve this blog is great....looking forward to next exhibit. your billy bragg memories are paralleling my "my bloody valentine" mental retrieval...i'm to see them in october (they haven't played together in 16 yrs.) we met a while back at a crazy lace show in which you and Doug H made some great sounds. i make music with friends....called
joshua (aster)

5:53 PM  
Blogger sroden said...

thanks for the kind words. indeed i've resisted re-visiting most of my seminal music moments when they've come around for the reunion tours, but i never did see billy bragg, and it was a nice surprise to find it so inspiring. with x it was crazy because i hadn't seen them in over 20 years and they literally were the same. it completely transported me back in time... yes, i met your other ojo mate at my studio a while back, as he was working with an art shipper. i took a peek at your own blog, nice stuff as well. maybe see you at my opening next week. steve

(jeez, i should've posted this under the heading when blogger becomes my space...:-)

10:10 AM  

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