Friday, September 19, 2008

the desert music...


well, i've never had a schedule like this, but once again i'm leaving town for a week and a half. this time the destination is the texas desert, in the form of marfa, home to donald judd's chinati foundation and the marfa ballroom for 'the marfa sessions', an exhibition performance event opening on sept. 27. i will be collaborating with stephen vitiello on an installation as well as a performance.

the installation will be based on field recordings we made in the desert a year ago, and will include a cabin size structure built in the landscape with the help of liz chaney. the performance will be inside one of the large buildings of judd's sculptures, with the sound being piped outside to the audience looking in as the sunset begins.

there will also be installations also by Emily Jacir, Nina Katchadourian, Christina Kubisch, Louise Lawler, Inigo-Manglano Ovalle, Kaffe Matthews, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, Dario Robleto, Steve Rowell and Simparch, Deborah Stratman and Steven Badgett, Julianne Swartz; as well as a talk given by david toop. the whole thing has been curated by regine basha, rebecca gates and lucy raven

because blogger now has the ability to "schedule" posts in advance, i have pre-posted a few gems, so fear not, airforms will be working it's magic virtually, while i'm driving through the texas desert. if with any luck i have wireless in marfa i'll try to post some images of the installation in progress.

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