Wednesday, February 09, 2011

when awkwardness arrives through drawing...






"drawing is immediate, requires little technological assistance. just making a mark. some primitive intention here. pre-linguistic maybe. but the drawing mark lies close to the linguistic sign. and drawing is a kind of sign making to be sure. but what kind of sign is the question that arises with every drawing mark that is always more than just a mark. and for me language is often also there, written on the page beside the non-linguistic marks. two different but inseparable kinds of marks/signs. only linguistic beings seem to make drawing marks (the apes that now make them are induced to do so by humans). getting out the sheet of paper and the stuff to make the marks means opening up a space that is both mental and physical. maybe in this space i get as close as i can to erasing, for a brief time, the mind/body problem, which is really not so much of a "problem" as a kind of awkwardness that arrives in the form of linguistic confusion."

text: robert morris, interview from "from mnemosyne to clio: the miror to the labyrinth"
images: robert morris, blind time drawings (some of my most favorite drawings in the world)

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