Tuesday, February 07, 2012

some upcoming makings and goings ons...

first and foremost, if you've visited my website lately, and have noticed it has not updated over the past 6 months, and depending on your browser, it is showing an even older home page... fear not, it's in the midst of a total overhaul, and hopefully will be online and functioning again sometime in march. (until then, the blog is the best place for updates...)

here are some things happening...

new collaborative CD on 12K - steve roden/steve peters "not a leaf remains as it was". since meeting in 1995, steve and i have been talking about doing a record where both of us are using our voices. the recording finally happened last year during a residency at jack straw in seattle, with doug hare manning the knobs and ears, and i must say he did an amazing job and it's a pretty darn beautiful record - along with voices it includes piano, guitar, seed pods, turtle shells, pump organ, small acoustic things, etc. it should be on the 12K site tuesday...

february 10 opening: "notations" a solo exhibition at concordia university's marxhausen gallery, featuring paintings, drawings, a sound piece and a film. i will also be giving a public talk on my work, doing a workshop with students and there will be a performance as well... exhibition runs until march 23.

february 21, 8pm, visual artist lecture series, columbia university, school of the arts, new york.

march 17 - august 5, sound art / klang als medium der kunst, zkm - zentrum fur kunst und medientechnologie, karlsruhe, germany (unfortunately i will not be able to attend the show).



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