Wednesday, August 08, 2012

3 on making and meaning...

"its how we do what we do that confers a meaning upon what we've done"
richard serra, interview, 1971

both dance and environments "are not static... in that they are process-oriented rather than simply result-oriented"... there is "a dichotomy between a score and a performance, which are the same but have an intricate relationship to each other... scoring has to allow for feedback, for analysis before, during and after a score is created in order for the score to develop and allow for change - to grow..."
lawrence halprin, rsvp cycles, 1969

"discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment, its what takes us from inspiration to achievement... there's a difference between routine and commitment. some people do the same routine over and over again in life, and some people even get better at that same routine over and over in life, but there's few people who commit to the next level"
curtis martin, nfl hall of fame speech, 2012


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