Tuesday, November 25, 2014

i will be part of the context-ing "listening as context at the miami art fair...

showing a new work for headphones: 
“Black and white lines, 2014. Processed field recordings. Duration: 10 minutes.
the piece was created from various recordings I made in the sienna cathedral with my cell phone last summer. While visiting the space, I was able to capture a series of short soft tones coming from the pipe organ, as someone was working on the instrument. Because the interior is such a spectacular space, I was interested in using the recordings to create an atmosphere of intimacy and quiet. 

CONTEXT-ing / Listening as CONTEXT will be premiered on the VIP opening night in the 2600sq.ft Sound Positions Pavilion – a dedicated space annexed to the main CONTEXT pavilion featuring 12 individual sound stations, making it the most important and largest sound project in an art fair - and continues during fair hours from December 3rd - 7th. 

Artists include:  Tania Candiani, Mexico Richard Chartier, USA Richard Garet, Uruguay / USA France Jobin, Canada Emeka Ogboh, Nigeria Kristin Oppenheim, USA Manuel Rocha, Mexico Steve Roden, USA Hong-Kai Wang, Taiwan Hildegard Westerkamp, Germany / Canada Jana Winderen, Norway

more info here


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